Welcome to Lakeside Church We are not just a church, we are a Family!! Blessed * Challenged * Changed
Friday, November 24, 2017
Blessed * Challenged * Changed
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Praise & Worship

We believe Lakeside Church has a dynamic Praise and Worship band, these are people who
have dedicated their talents to God.  Our Worship Team is lead by Pastor Jason Collins.
We love to spend time allowing God to move in each service,
giving Him time to allow His Will to be done in His people.
                                                                 Praise Band Members
Pastor Jason Collins- Worship Leader, Lead Vocals                    Sawyer Collins- Drums
Hope Hanna-Vocals                                                               Sheila Anderson- Keyboard 
Jan Richards-Vocals                                                               Charlotte Waldrop- Keyboard
Tammy Hanna- Vocals                                                           Erin Daniel- Vocals
Noah Collins- Guitar, Vocals                                                    James Daniel- Guitar, Vocals
Clay Richards- Bass                                                                Sadie Hanna- Vocals
Jason Hanna- Bass, Drums, Percussion                                    Brandon Hamrick- Trombone
Marcy Myers-Drums, Percussion, Bass                                     (In Memory of) Robert Myers- Keyboard
                                                   Audio/Visual Team
                                  Soundboard / Audio - David Anderson,  David Daniel
                                  Easy Worship - Vanessa York, Connie Bailey
                                  Livestream Broadcast - Marcy Myers
                                  Camera-  Daryl York,  Ricky Foster